How to buy your farm in World of Warcraft

March 14, 2013


How to buy a farm in world of warcraft

How to buy a farm in world of warcraft

I don’t know about you (my reader) but I’ve grown tired of doing dailies for certain factions. To me it was just redundant, time consuming and plain boring. So I guess many people complained via Blizzard forums and finally with patch 5.1 Blizzard added an ability for players to buy a farm! Yay! Of course many (and myself including) did not know where and how you’d buy the farm.

Personally, I was expecting to see a quest at farm to buy it but it wasn’t the case. After a little bit of research and help from good wow players, I was able to do just that – buy the farm.

Buying a farm in wow, Nana's house

Buying a farm in wow, Nana’s house

First thing’s first : In order to buy the farm you have to :

  1. Be exalted with Tillers
  2. Have all slots at farm unlocked
  3. Then you fly to one of houses in up Halfhill at and you go inside the house and pick up a quest from Nana Madclaw¬†she will start you on a quest called “Inherit the Earth” and then you’d need to fly back to your farm and back to Nana and you’ll be done – the farm will be yours.

At the farm you’ll be able to pick up quests from different factions (Golden Lotus, Shadow-Pan, Kallaxxi and a few others but you won’t be able to pick up quests from new factions which were introduced in patch 5.2).

So this will come down to – 1) Do I want to continue growing golden lotuses at my farm or 2) Do I want to grind that rep to buy cool scorpion and other tiger mounts….

The choice is yours. If you have alts who are growing golden lotus – use them to grow golden lotus and use your main to grind rep (the mounts will be account bound). If you don’t have a level 90 at least single alt, then get to work :) Having alts (alternative characters) in world of warcraft helps a lot so I suggest you plant herbs on alts and use main for daily faction quests.


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