One of my favorite instances to farm : Ramparts

Farming Hellfire Ramparts

When queuing for Looking for raid (aka LFR) in World of Warcraft, I spend my time being as I call it “productive”. How can you be “productive” waiting in que for 30, 40 or even 60+ minutes? The answer is very simple.
You go, pick an instance that’s solo-able and farm crap out of it.

A Closer look at Ramparts :

Some people might say.. what is it in ramparts that’s farmable? Well there are 2 things : Runecloth and greens! This is by far the BEST and the FASTEST place to farm Runecloth. The trick to get Runecloth here is to set it to Normal mode and NOT heroic! If you’ll set it to heroic, you won’t see Runecloth dropping because heroic dungeons were available to players lvl 70 only and we want to farm cloth that was dropping at lvl 55-60 dungeons. That’s why I farm it on normal mode.

What do I do with cloth?

Of course I go very fast and try to pull every mob/dog possible. I only go to where the stairs start and get out of LOS so all mobs from the cooridor come to me. Then I aoe the crap out of them in few spins and loot… looting is the longer process ;) As I mentioned in my other posts here on this blog, my profession is Tailoring on this toon, so as I get 2-3 (stacks each stack has 20 cloths), I make bolts to maximize my bag space to loot other items. When my bags get full, I fly over to mailbox by the inn and send greens to my enchanter. With bolts of Runecloth I buy threads from my Tundra Traveling mammoth (that mammoth is very handy when it comes to solo farming). I then make Runecloth headband. Then I mail them to my enchanter again to be disenchanted.

After all my things have been disenchanted by my enchanter, I do the following :

1. From Arcane dusts and Planar Essences I create Mongoose scroll. Right now on my highly populated server Mongoose enchant sells for nearly 600g per scroll! That’s awesome since materials aren’t difficult to farm if you are an aoe dps toon or a tank. It just takes a little bit of time to get all materials for Moongoose enchant. Fastest instances to get materials for Mongoose enchant are : Hellfire Ramparts, Karazhan, Black temple

Mongoose enchant

world of warcraft making fast gold

world of warcraft making fast gold

How to farm Hellfire ramparts and make quick gold in world of warcraft

How to farm Hellfire ramparts and make quick gold in world of warcraft

As you can see prices on my server for Illusion dust are very high and they stay about the same throughout the week. You can also check your AH at times for Illusion dusts and after you get a feeling what’s the ongoing selling rate on dusts is, you can monitor and see if you can snag some dusts to make quick profit. For example, last week I bought an Illusion dust for 4g per each and resold it almost immediately for 20g per a pure profit of 16g without even leaving the AH (other than my trip to the mailbox) ;)

2. From Runecloth bolts, make Runecloth headband. Send crafted items to your enchanter to disenchant them. You’ll get either Illusion dusts or Greater Eternal Essence and sometimes Large Brilliant shards (all of these enchanting materials are very desirable for twink/alts enchants). Greater Eternal Essence sell on my server for as much as 44g EACH!

*** Note : When you are sending materials to be disenchanted to your enchanter, make sure your enchanter toon is in lvl 25 guild (because of the perks they get from a guild at lvl 25) to get extra dusts when disenchanting.

If you don’t feel like dealing with mail, sending items back and forth, you can just make bolts out of Runecloth and sell those babies like hot caes. Check this out how one player on my server is making, steady, good profit daily :

Best farming place for Rune cloth in World of Warcraft

Best farming place for Runecloth in World of Warcraft

So here’s a good tip how to spend your time farming while waiting for LFR que as dps. Also keep in mind that you can only do 5 instance resets per hour and that timer is shared between all your characters on your World of Warcraft account.

Happy farming :)



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3 Responses to “One of my favorite instances to farm : Ramparts”

  1. darkocean Says:

    My favorite place is not an instance but WOW the frost-weave is awesome, its the Icecrown Cathedral About 5 to 7 stacks of frostweave if you realy work it. Be very careful and do one side at a time as all the elites will gang up on you. There is competition here. It’s considered polite when another toon ally/horde to stay on your side until they leave. Yur decision though. It’s smarter to ignore them and wait for your side to respawn (it’s fast.) Even with just half the mobs you’ll get the cloth you need in no time.

    I’m looking for warcraft blogs to trade links with mine is at: my email is jessicaleah AT please email me if you would like to trade links. If you know of any other blogs that would like to trade links post them in the email too. Lets build up our visitors :D Any one with a warcraft blog can send me their links so don’t be shy! If we all work together all of our blogs will be seen. I plan on making a separate page just for the links as there are so many good blogs out there. They just are not getting the attention they deserve!


    • admin Says:

      I do farm the frostwave cloth there and recepies and sometimes epic and blue items. Sometimes I die there from some dot. I wasn’t able to figure out exactly who dots me and why I take so much damage there. It only happens sometimes. Maybe it’s glitched.


  2. piumini woolrich Says:

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