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May 2, 2013

Solo farming raids

Make quick gold while waiting for looking for raid

What to do while you wait for LFR as dps

Recently I created a monk class. Not because others had it but because when I tried an ability “spinning crane” I though it was an awesome ability to farm content and I saw a lot of potential in it. So I leveled it to level 90 (as fast as I could but it wasn’t anything but fast let me tell ya that) and finally I geared it up decently in LFR ilvl 483 gear for both specs tanking and dps (brewmaster/windwalker). I have to say that I love both specs and they do come in handy when solo farming old world raids/dungeons.

I picked Tailoring on my monk because I saw how outrageous prices in AH were on my server and having another tailor with cloth cooldown was just an added bonus (I already had a lvl 88 mage with 600 tailoring) but seeing how Blizzard implemented crafting specific cloth and having a cooldown, I decided to make a farming/another tailoring character who could just go in there, gather LOTS of mobs and aoe them all with one spin crane kick ability.

So that being said, I discovered that Frostwave bags have been selling for anywhere from 280g per bag – up to 325g per bag on a good day. Almost as good as Embersilk cloth and those require way more expansive materials to craft (like 15 Hypnotic dusts and those babies aren’t cheap).  So I ventured into Pit of Saron because I decided it would be just an awesome place to farm for various reasons :

Wrath of the Lich King Pit of Saron farming

Wrath of the Lich King Pit of Saron farming

Here are the reasons why to farm Pit of Saron :

Farming instance while mounted

1. You don’t have to dismount to kill entire trash in that instance. Now how awesome is that? Ride around collect mobs and have them follow you then bring them to one (preferably  LOS spot and aoe the crap out of them).

Working on achievement “The Beloved”

While farming Pit of Saron you’ll be also gaining Wrath of the Lich King reputations (I think POS gives you two reputations) and if you get 65 reputations to exalted you get a title in world of warcraft “Beloved”. Now who would not want to have a cool title?

2. While farming for cloth or greens or blues or some rare BOE epics, your toon will gain reputation and depending on professions you might learn new recepies from those factions. I forgot which factions they are but they are Wrath of the Lich King factions of course. One of them I believe is Alliance Vanguard.

Making 1000g with green quality items!

3. While farming for cloth (to make bags or bolts) LOTS of greens dropping and blues. The most valuable greens I’ve seen so far are Tailoring recepies that are NOT bind on pickup but rather bind on equip (which means you’ll be able to sell them in AH). Some recepies I’ve found are : Lumberjack shirts. These shirts come in four colors and three of which are recepies that drop in Pit of Saron! The best part is that I’ve sold one recepie in AH for nearly 1000g (980g to be exact). Now who’d refuse of getting 1,000g for less than 5 minutes of their time?!!

Everything adds up :

It’s very wise/beneficial to have Tundra Traveling mammoth with you or Grand Expedition Yak (whichever you have) because these mounts both have vendors where you can sell your trash gray items. Not having either mounts on your character may result in losing time and being unproductive. You will be forced to zone out every time your bags will fill up and run outside, fly to Dalaran, empty bags and fly back.  Having either mounts with vendors  will ease up your process. You’ll be able to mount inside the instance and vendor EVERY junk you gather. These mobs drop lots and lots of grays even lvl 70 water and I pick up EVERYTHING they drop. You’ll be surprised how much little by little adds up to hundreds of gold!

Hoping for the jackpot :

I always wanted to get the Battered Hilt but haven’t had such luck just yet. Still I am convinced if I’ll keep at it, it will eventually drop. If it will drop, I want it for myself because I am an achievement whore and upon completing this quest, you’ll get an achievement. But if you don’t care about an achievement and you’d rather get gold, this baby sells from anywhere from 8,000g up to 10,000g I’ve seen it sell for. Now that’s a good chunk of change for less than 5 minutes of trash farming in Pit of Saron.

Pit of Saron farming Wrath of the Lich King instances making gold in MOP

Pit of Saron farming Wrath of the Lich King instances making gold in MOP

Cloth drops there from trash mobs at pretty good rate I’d say. If you chose to be a tailor on the toon you are farming on (and I strongly suggest that you are), make sure at lvl 77+ you quest in Wrath of the Lich King zone to loot a journal that’s bop and grands you to loot extra cloth from mobs. That will help a great deal.  The cloth drops at insane rate and to keep your bag spaces available for other greater goods, I make bolts of cloth right on spot.

My monk is not an enchanter (although it would’ve been beneficial here to disenchant all greens and get dusts instead), I take greens and mail them all to my enchanter to disenchant them. These greens don’t sell well so don’t bother selling them and you’ll be making way more gold by disenchanting and selling dusts 1 by 1 rather than listing a green item and then re-listing it and re-listing it till you’ll give up trying to sell it.

As you can see on screenshot above, bolts of Frostweave sell for a good chunk of gold. You might just sell bolts or make them into Imbuded Frostwave bolts (those require infinite dusts to make). You get those dusts from disenchanting lvl 70-80 greens from Pit fo Saron or other Lich King 5 man dungeons.  Personally, I chose to make Frostweave bags and those babies have been selling like hot cakes!

Also I have been disenchanting LOTS of greens and selling those dusts for good amount of gold too. About 4g per dust and it all adds up when you sell several stacks of 20.

Making quick gold in Mists of Pandaria old dungeons farming

Making quick gold in Mists of Pandaria old dungeons farming

I love when my text starts to scroll “a buyer has been found…”.

During beginning of the week people start farming old world instances and sell items, dusts, cloth for dirt cheap. You might also check the AH and if you’ll find a good deal that seems like below market price, snag it and hold it till end of the week when prices go up.  Keep in mind, these prices vary from server to server!

On my realm, just because “Bob” sells infinite dusts for 1g, doesn’t mean I am going to undercut him just to sell mine. No! I am going to buy “Bob’s dusts” and hold to them and a day later or even on same day when prices will go up, I’ll released his and my dusts at 4g 70silver per and will make good profit!

Pit of Saron is also my favorite place to farm while I wait for LFR que to pop up (as dps). It kills my time and I make gold while doing it rather than sitting on my mount in Stormwind.

Expect the Unexpected :

A few weeks ago while farming Pit of Saron, I looted an epic BOE caster’s trinket. My tooltip showed to me the trinket was selling for around 1500g. Guess what? A few hours after I posted it in Ah it was sold for $1800g…. now I don’t know who’d buy a lvl 80 epic trinket even for their twink/alt because now we have an option of BOA trinkets, but hey… I am 1800g richer! And because of that I am happy!


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3 Responses to “One of my favorite instances to make quick gold”

  1. oakley gascan Says:

    wonderful post, thank you.


  2. sinky Says:

    loving this blog:)
    battered hilt doesn’t go for that much anymore though sadly.
    i still need the achivo so ill farm here for it.
    i used to go into the forge of souls with my friend to kill the first 2 mobs then run out and reset over and over a lvl 80 hunter and a lvl 80 resto shammy in full icc gear. was fun but not when the hilt dropped and he won it.
    i saw it drop in the last of the three dungeons cant remember the name now lol.
    i lost it that time too, to a guy who had the damn sward on his back. said he wanted it for his alt. he got the hilt and was promptly kicked.


    • admin Says:

      Sinky the hilt haven’t dropped for me either but I haven’t been farming Pit of Saron much maybe for 2 weeks and then I had to take a long break from wow ;) Keep farming it might drop or maybe one day you’ll get TWO at once! It happened to one of my guildies….nothing for years then 2 in one day! Lucky! :)


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