When it’s time to leave the guild in world of warcraft…

March 10, 2014

About me, Druid class

world of warcraft compilation of 10 funny videos

world of warcraft compilation of 10 funny videos

Several months ago I left my guild where I stayed for 1.5 years. I made that decision because it wasn’t fun for me to be there anymore.

The guild had TWO (25) man raid teams and there were times when we had tons of fun with our team. Our (morning) team always tried to compete with “evening” team,  it was always  who’s going to  beat the boss first. Although our raid leader said that it was “one guild, one team” it did not feel that way at all.

For example : People from an evening team would rarely help people in the morning team. If there was a group from an evening team working on achievements, you could forget about joining them. They’d never ask morning team members to join or if they needed spots filled, they’d always give priority to “their” people over morning team members. I was not found of such “competitiveness” I wanted more of a “one guild one team atmosphere”.

Getting emotionally attached.

When I was accepted into morning team raid, I treated my spot/position with my team as a job. As crazy as it may sound but I was NEVER late, I never left the team early, I NEVER went afk (unless a break was called by the raid leader) and in 1.5 years of raiding I only had to leave early once when my dog had an emergency and had to be operated on same day. Why I was such a devoted geek you may ask? Well I really liked my raid leader. Although he kept his true identity a secret, his voice, his actions, his raid leading, his fairness and his punctuality and most importantly his respect to other members what made me be his “minion”. I had tremendous respect for this fictional character in the game called World of Warcraft. I tried to do my best not to disappoint him so I could join his casual runs when we worked on certain achievements to obtain certain mounts and titles.

I played for 10 sometimes 15 hours a day straight just so I’d get caught up on my dailies, fish and cook to make some feasts to share them with my raid members during our raid times. To me it was a rewarding experience and I made many friends on my team while I raided with them.

When things turned sour :

Resto druid healing

Resto druid healing

After Mists of Pandaria was deployed, things changed in our guild and on our team. Some people had stopped playing and my raid leader began to recruit. I could understand his stressful situation because he wanted to make sure when everyone would get to level 90 that we’d have enough people to raid with. Well it turned out that he over-recruited. And that meant that someone had to sit. Now, let’s think about it, who likes to “SIT” outside while your fellow raid members raid and gain reputation, tokens and gear? Nobody likes to sit. Even if someone says “I don’t mind sitting” they are just being nice but in reality they wish to raid. If someone says “I don’t mind sitting” they are lying! If you don’t mind sitting then you don’t mind not raiding and if you joined a RAIDING guild then you were expecting to RAID and not to sit.

That being said, I wanted to be nice to fellow raider and I’d offered to sit more than others. Although my previous attendance in my last expansion was EXCEPTIONAL at 100%, and my performance was somewhat good (I usually was #2 or #3 on healing meter) in 25 man raid I found myself sitting more than others. My mentality was : If you’ve proven yourself to be a good player in past expansion, why in the world would your raid leader make you “give” your spot to someone who’s newly recruited?? Don’t new players have to EARN their spot vs a spot is given to them??

My raid leader recruited a druid guy. The guy was full of himself with huge epeen and he was from India. Despite him having terrible/horrible IT connection, he’d just disconnect at beginning of every fight and my team would end up 4 healing or 5 healing an entire boss encounter. Why would a raid leader give a spot to someone with terrible IT connection, mediocre attendance and crappy performance? That druid even when his connection was somewhat stable was #5 on healing meter and then he’d brag at the end of the fight how he had full mana while other healers were out of mana trying to squeeze whatever mana they had to heal their fellow raiders. To me it did not make any sense. Making others stress while you have a full mana bar???

What pissed me the most how in Heart of Fear on first boss encounter I screwed up about 3 times due to those rings. My DBM wasn’t announcing which way they were spinning and I’d end up caught up in them and die. My raid leader quietly replaced me with this other druid. Sure it made sense to me. Maybe he’ll get it right and actually perform better… as soon as that druid joined, he DIED on first ring spin and on top of that his connection went sour. Then he re-connected, they battle rezzed him he died again to the rings, laid dead the whole encounter. The team killed the boss, that druid received tokens, a resto druid piece of gear with great stats and an achievement and then he was very happy and began bragging in guild chat how he was dead and received all those things without even doing much. I was furious. Why couldn’t I be laying dead and get all that? Why did I receive a short end of stick? lol

Such encounters happened way too many times and I understood that I was not valued as a “good” raid leader.

The final draw….

When it comes to raiding, my mentality is : You do your best, you show up on time, you know your mechanics, you come prepared with your own food and flasks and you prove yourself as a decent raider. With your performance, don’t you EARN your spot??? Why is your raiding spot is NOT permanent??? WHY do you have to sit for new recruit who does half the work you do? Why someone who doesn’t study fights, who doesn’t come prepared, who does not enchant his gear, who does not gem his gear with best gems takes YOUR raiding spot on some bosses? Even with rotation, I don’t think a good player’s spot should be given to someone else. I believe a spot should be EARNED and NOT given! If you want to recruit new people for raiding, then advertise : “Fill in position” or “part-time” when someone doesn’t show up, but don’t just shovel a raider with 100% attendance and 98% performance to the side just because this new person wants to “raid”…

Time to say goodbye :

After several occurrences when my spot was “given” to another mediocre druid who laid dead on 90% of the fights and received achievements, tokens, gear. I realized that I was not valued there nor appreciated that it was time to move on and find a team where I’d have a permanent spot and have respect and be valued as a player who never misses a raid and quick to react to situations.

/End of rant

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  7. paul Says:

    i know how you feel (and i also know this is a old article;) ) but i think u needed a Little more of comunication. if u were 1.5years on the guild, why you just didnt tell the leader what was going on and what were you thinking?

    well gl and hf.D


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